Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Casual Thing Dating Website Seeks Individual Private Lenders

#ACasualThing will soon become a hot topic globally as our website is live and we are building our Android Mobile App for upload to Google Play very soon, followed by our iPhone Mobile App being uploaded to iTunes at which time we will officially launch!

Here is our newest sexy teaser video we have on auto play on the Home page of our website;

Please visit our website and take a look around;

We are still seeking Private Loans from Individual Private Lenders so that we can position ourselves for our global launch!

#ACasualThing is currently building cooperative partnerships that will help us gain international exposure for our global launch and this will be an ongoing initiative that we continue after our launch!

Our Mobile App is quickly being developed my our in-house Master App Development Team and here are some images showing some of the screenshots our mobile app will have;

Once you view our website you will instantly see how different we are. #ACasualThing have Blog and Classified sections that are unique and that give our Members an additional conduit for interaction with other Members. If you would like to read our brief Project Overview please download the pdf here;

For individual Private Lenders looking for a great return potential with limited risk we have created a Private Loan Agreement and you can download the pdf for review here;

We are seeking private loan capital in 2 phases and we are in phase one right now. In phase one A Casual Thing is seeking small $5k to $10k private loans and we are offering a great return over a 12 month period once we reach our minimum membership threshold. In phase two A Casual Thing will secure one or more larger private loans to implement our global launch and awareness campaigns.

We are building collateral marketing tools and will be hosting events in select cities in the USA and internationally to attract an interactive membership base that will make our website and mobile apps a great success!

#ACasualThing is a premier online dating platform with an interactive website and easy to use and navigate mobile app for both Android and iPhone. We welcome your feedback and look forward to you becoming a member of our website!

Use promotional code;


for $10 off of the membership you choose every month you are a member (i.e. you do not just get $10 off the first month, you get it off every month long term). Basic Memberships are always free!

Please share this blog post and connect with us from our website on all of our social media profiles!

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