Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why join a new dating website like A Casual Thing

You may ask yourself "Why should I join a new dating website like A Casual Thing" and honestly I have no justification to offer, only a humble request... Please consider helping us build an amazing online dating platform that is fun, interactive and that you can say you were one of the first to be a part of what turned out to be one of the top sites in the world.

To say #ACasualThing is different is a complete understatement! Designed and build by a small Team with nothing to lose but everything to gain, we are not some Board Room of people who own multiple dating sites, who think they know what you want, we are comprised of real people who, just like you, date online! Because we have seen things we do not like, we have chosen to build a new environment and see how it goes!

A Casual Thing will not be perfect, however we will be real and strive towards perfection! We care about our Members and will be interacting with you regularly. You can always join for free and participate on our interactive Blog and Classifieds features, which in and of themselves, are completely different from any thing else out there right now.

Our website is done and you can join however our mobile apps are being designed now and will be uploaded to Google Play and iTunes soon for you to download and use for free.

As the Founder, I myself, am building the marketing and promotional tools to gain us exposure prior to our global launch! My CBDT (core business development team) and I have a number of events that we will be hosting and as we unfold out advertising and marketing campaigns we know that new Members will sign-up! Please read our blog posts here on Blogger as well as on our website and follow us on Facebook and other social media profiles. I look forward to seeing you sign-up as a new Member and I thank you for your audience! Johnny Giles, Founder of #ACasualThing

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Casual Thing Dating Website Seeks Individual Private Lenders

#ACasualThing will soon become a hot topic globally as our website is live and we are building our Android Mobile App for upload to Google Play very soon, followed by our iPhone Mobile App being uploaded to iTunes at which time we will officially launch!

Here is our newest sexy teaser video we have on auto play on the Home page of our website;

Please visit our website and take a look around;

We are still seeking Private Loans from Individual Private Lenders so that we can position ourselves for our global launch!

#ACasualThing is currently building cooperative partnerships that will help us gain international exposure for our global launch and this will be an ongoing initiative that we continue after our launch!

Our Mobile App is quickly being developed my our in-house Master App Development Team and here are some images showing some of the screenshots our mobile app will have;

Once you view our website you will instantly see how different we are. #ACasualThing have Blog and Classified sections that are unique and that give our Members an additional conduit for interaction with other Members. If you would like to read our brief Project Overview please download the pdf here;

For individual Private Lenders looking for a great return potential with limited risk we have created a Private Loan Agreement and you can download the pdf for review here;

We are seeking private loan capital in 2 phases and we are in phase one right now. In phase one A Casual Thing is seeking small $5k to $10k private loans and we are offering a great return over a 12 month period once we reach our minimum membership threshold. In phase two A Casual Thing will secure one or more larger private loans to implement our global launch and awareness campaigns.

We are building collateral marketing tools and will be hosting events in select cities in the USA and internationally to attract an interactive membership base that will make our website and mobile apps a great success!

#ACasualThing is a premier online dating platform with an interactive website and easy to use and navigate mobile app for both Android and iPhone. We welcome your feedback and look forward to you becoming a member of our website!

Use promotional code;


for $10 off of the membership you choose every month you are a member (i.e. you do not just get $10 off the first month, you get it off every month long term). Basic Memberships are always free!

Please share this blog post and connect with us from our website on all of our social media profiles!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Dating Website Seeks Individual Private Lenders

Attention Private Lenders,

We are seeking one or more private loan(s) to aggressively advertise, market and promote our new dating website and mobile app platform;

Here is a screenshot of our website that is live now as we build the mobile apps.

You can read our Project Overview here;

We have created a Private Loan Agreement document and you can read it here and once you are interested I will sign it and send it to you for your signature;

We have self-funded the development of our website and database to this point and we are now designing the Android mobile app that will be followed immediately by our iPhone mobile app. Once we have the website launched and the mobile apps on Google Play and iTunes we are confident that we will be able to secure a larger private loan to ensure our success.

Between right now and then (a limited window of opportunity) we are seeking between 2-4 small $10k Private Loans in which we are offering a nice return for those who choose Option 1 for repayment from our Private Loan Agreement. Here is how this return looks from a generalized point of view;

Return Example on a $10k Private Loan:

It will take us between 3-7 months +/- to reach the 10,000 member threshold, at which time we will start making monthly payments of 2% of the monthly revenue generated to each Private Lender who has given us $10k for a period of 12 months.

Using my unique IP (intellectual property) I expect to be able to sign-up 10,000+ Members at $9.95 per month as the Advanced Membership rate is $19.95 - the $10 monthly discount by using the ACT10 discount code when the payment is processed. This discount code will be given to our PR Cooperatives to give to those they solicit on our behalf.

At 10,000 Members paying $9,95 per month this will be a $99,500 monthly income - an estimated $9,500 in expenses leaving a $90,000 per month PT (pre-tax) PE (post expenditure) minimum monthly income.

$90,000 x 2% paid per month to the Private Lender who gives me $10,000 is $1,800 per month x 12 months = $21,600 repayment total.

That is an $11,600 return on a $10,000 Private Loan (likely much larger).

The “risks” are limited however the “rewards” are potentially substantial.

The actual return will likely be higher because the example above does not factor in the monthly income increase from the previous month and it is possible for the return to be much higher!

Our website is unlike any other dating platform and it will appeal to a very large Global Audience!

For the record…

This email is not a solicitation for an “Investment” as we are seeking Private Loan(s) from Individuals only. A Casual Thing is not offering or promising any form of Equity Ownership into the business itself and no form of securities are being given, offered or promised in exchange for the Private Loan(s) received.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel may have an interest and reply to me, Johnny Giles (Principal Owner), via 980-505-3079, or for a prompt reply.

Thank you for your time and interest!